Tech Backstage

Tech Backstage

Tech Backstage is a live streamed video podcast that goes behind the scenes with today's leaders of industry to learn what technologies are solving business problems.

Dive in with us to learn more about how technology and software is being used in some of today's most exciting companies, to solve problems and improve people’s lives.

Recent Episodes

Get Profitable... or Die Trying

Sept. 28, 2022

Attract and retain the best customers as if your life depends on it.  Join host Eddie Hudson for a conversation with Richard Purcell, Founding Team and VP of Sales at Ocurate. #techbacsktage

Systematic Trading

Sept. 19, 2022

In this episode of Tech Backstage, host Eddie Hudson meets with Ruban Phukan, Co-founder and CEO of, to discuss the reasons why systematic trading is not just for everyone, but the future of trading itself.

The Impact of Meaningful Work

Sept. 14, 2022

Join host Eddie Hudson on another Tech Backstage conversation, this time with Divelement's Ana Karen Olvera, of People Operations, to discuss why every engineer and team mate at Divelement, knows affectionately as 'Divelever…

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About the Hosts

Eddie Hudson Profile Photo

Eddie Hudson

Tech Backstage Host

Eddie Hudson is a musician turned developer turned entrepreneur, with a passion for designing and building solutions for the web and native.

Eddie currently serves as Co-founder and CEO at Divelement, a people-centric software engineering services consultancy collaborating with companies to enhance their digital product roadmap to achieve their market goals.

For Eddie tech and music have always been a passion. He started his career in a nationally touring band, which turned into Production Management roles at Emo's Austin, Live Nation and more.

In 2015, he dived deeper into technology, becoming a freelancer Web Developer, and then a Technical Manager for Flex Rental Solutions.

In 2019, Eddie started Divelement, a full-scale software engineering services agency, and after growing the company by 400%+ in 3 years, he started this podcast to connect with more leaders in technology.

Carlos R. Ponce Profile Photo

Carlos R. Ponce

Tech Backstage Producer

Carlos Ponce is a major in communications sciences and a marketer by choice, an ESL coach since the tender age of 16, and a coveted graphic artist and illustrator.

Carlos' team facilitates the entire production of Tech Backstage, from identifying guests, bookings, production, and postproduction support.

Carlos is President and Co-founder of Peoplebound Marketing, a B2B marketing and production agency based in Tucson, AZ.