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Everaldo Aguiar

Senior Engineering Manager - Data Science

I am a machine learning enthusiast whose passion for data took off in graduate school when I joined the Eric Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellowship and had the opportunity to work on a variety of impactful projects in the education space. I received a PhD from the University of Notre Dame, where I worked on the development, deployment and evaluation of machine learning models to identify students at risk of underachieving their academic goals. I was then able to expand on that work at the University of Chicago and to partner with a number of high school districts across the country to operationalize our automated early warning systems. Following that effort I joined and helped build the Data Science team at SAP Concur, where we built the ML-powered travel and expense product ExpenseIt. More recently I was part of the Growth Organization at Shopify and led three data science teams that focused on organic growth / SEO, content marketing and experimentation.

I am originally from João Pessoa/Brazil but live in Seattle with my wife and cat Sushi today. Some of my non-professional interests include astrophotography, custom PC building/water-cooling, PC gaming, cooking (mostly the eating part), and teaching (I'm a part time lecturer at Northeastern University).

July 28, 2022

What It's Like to Get a Data Science Job - Everaldo Aguiar

In this episode, we're joined by Everaldo Aguiar from PagerDuty, discussing how it's not as easy to get a Data Science job as you…

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