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Richard Purcell

Founding Team & VP of Sales @ Ocurate

Nine years ago Richard Purcell came to Silicon Valley from North Carolina to follow the 21st-century gold rush with nothing but his car and his clothes. Since then, he’s been helping early-stage SaaS companies land first customers and scale into repeatable businesses. He’s witnessed the negative consequences when both B2B and B2C companies optimize on new customers & revenue in a vacuum. When he joined Medallia in 2014 they were creating a category called “Customer Experience Management” and educating the Fortune 500 to take action on & quantify the business impact of NPS. These experiences led him to join Ocurate where he serves on the Founding Team and as VP of Sales.

Sept. 28, 2022

Get Profitable... or Die Trying

Attract and retain the best customers as if your life depends on it.  Join host Eddie Hudson for a conversation with Richard Purc…

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