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Albert Saniger is the founder and CEO of nate, a unified shopping wallet where people can share and shop their world. After getting his MBA at London Business School and working at Amazon, Albert set out to explore how intelligent automation could facilitate human-driven decisions. In 2018, Albert founded nate and worked with a young team of engineers to develop the app and its AI technology – introducing the first product to aggregate the mobile checkout process at any online retailer on behalf of a customer. By April 2020, nate had closed the largest series seed round for a consumer software company of the year and launched to the public that summer.

Albert is committed to preserving the human experience - humans decide, machines execute - and is outspoken on topics such as ethical AI, protecting consumer data and building an aggregated shopping experience. He can be seen as a featured speaker at Retail Innovation Week, Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies podcast, and Bloomberg Newsroom, among others.

Shopping Identity
Nov. 22, 2022

Shopping Identity

In this #TechBackstage interview, host Eddie Hudson met with Albert Saniger, CEO and Founder of @Nate, to discuss reclaiming data without giving up on a seamless and social life.

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