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Aug. 18, 2022

What is Data?

In this episode of Tech Backstage, hosts Eddie Hudson and Tullio Siragusa hold a conversation with Colby Tunick, CEO of ReFocus AI about what data is, and why there is a whole world beyond noise and numbers.

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Aug. 18, 2022

Embedding Design Thinking at the World’s Best Bank

Join hosts Eddie Hudson and Tullio Siragusa as they chat with Neal Cross, of Peppermint Innovation, about embedding Design Thinking at the world’s bestbank. Here, Neal elaborates on why he thinks that "it's not just about the tools and workshops …

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Aug. 18, 2022

Journey of a Hardware Start-up

Join hosts Eddie Hudson and Tullio Siragusa as they chat with Rohin Parkar, CEO of Spintly, about how to build and scale a start-up with a hardware component.

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Aug. 12, 2022

Inclusion: the importance of engagement in online learning.

In this episode of Tech Backstage, hosts Tullio Siragusa and Eddie Hudson talk with Beth Porter, President, COO and Co-founder and Esme Learning, about the importance of engagement in online learning for achieving inclusive communities.

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July 28, 2022

What It's Like to Get a Data Science Job - Everaldo Aguiar

In this episode, we're joined by Everaldo Aguiar from PagerDuty, discussing how it's not as easy to get a Data Science job as you think.

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July 24, 2022

Reverse-Engineering the Great Resignation - Scott White, VP Engineeri…

How do you hire in tech when everybody is quitting? In this episode, we're joined by Scott White, VP Engineering at HUVR Data.

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July 16, 2022

Continuous Learning: Not A Nice-to-Have | Bhushan Heda, CTO @ Emeritus

Bhushan Heda is the CTO of Emeritus, and is a Technology and Product executive with an extensive background in Platform, FinTech, eCommerce, and Payments. He has a passion for delivering amazing customer experiences and driving growth through...

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July 13, 2022

Digital Threads, Manufacturing Networks and Product Intelligence | Ol…

Oleg Shilovitsky is the co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM, a digital network platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers with supply chain networks. Previously, he's co-founded InforBix (acquired by AutoDesk), and led Data teams at...

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July 12, 2022

Connecting Communities to Services They Need Through Software | KP Na…

With specialties in Enterprise Architecture, Outsourcing, and IT Infrastructure Virtualization, KP Naidu has been at the cutting edge of software for the last 20+ years. Starting his career with an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur, he also holds a MS.c in...

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July 11, 2022

Sell More, Sell Better with 3D Technology & Effective Buying Experien…

Dan VanOrden is the SVP of Sales and Co-Founder of IdeaRoom, and is hyper focused on helping people succeed and using software to solve human problems. He led IdeaRoom from finding product-market fit state to rapid growth across multiple industries.

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June 28, 2022

Reverse-Engineering Business Goals into Strategy

In this episode, I'm joined by PR & Marketing Strategist, Jason Jepson. We talk about reverse-engineering outcomes into strategy, building positioning for technology, and the ins-and-outs of storytelling. He's served as the VP of Strategy at...

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June 23, 2022

Debate: Where is Data Going?

In this episode, Jacob Borgeson, Director of Product Marketing at Wyng joins us to talk privacy, data protection, and hyper-personalization of online experiences - without the privacy problems that are ripe in the data industry. Jacob Borgeson has...

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June 4, 2022

How Pet Markt Co. Bets on Innovation to Achieve Success

In this episode, we're joined by CEO & Co-Founder of Pet Markt Co, Alex Gonzalez Garza. He's our first Mexican Entrepreneur on the show, and I'm super excited to have him on here to talk about his journey from buying …

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June 2, 2022

A Universe of Possibilities: From Astronomy to Engineering

In this episode, my childhood best friend and Senior Optomechanical Engineer at Microsoft, Jason Lozo joins us from Seattle, WA. He shares his story of finding his way after high school, falling in love with first Math and then Astronomy. …

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May 30, 2022

From Musician to Entrepreneur: Eddie's Story

Welcome to the Tech Backstage, a live-streamed podcast that goes behind the scenes with today's leaders of industry to understand how they are using technology to solve business problems. In this episode, guest host Moby joins Eddie to learn more...

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